Sunday Christian Education Classes (January 7 - February 25, 2024)

Classes are offered at 9:00 & 10:30am, at the same time as our worship services. Adult and youth classes meet in the Life Center and children’s classes meet in the Children’s Center. Class times, locations, and descriptions are noted below. You are always welcome to visit a class at any time!

Nursery care is available at 9:00 & 10:30am for ages birth - 3 years old.

Nursery-PreK:  God Loves Me! (Room 5)
The Bible is a story of God’s redeeming love! Our PreK children will hear this story loud and clear as we show and tell them about the love of Jesus.

Kinder - 2nd Grade - Loving Jesus (Room 3)
God so loved us that he gave us Jesus! Studying the big picture of the Gospels, we will learn who Jesus is, why he came, and how we get to respond to his wonderful grace and truth. 

3rd - 5th Grade - Knowing God (Room 6)
What is our only comfort in life and in death? What is God? How can we glory God? Using the New City Catechism, we will explore answers to key questions about life from the Bible. Our goal is to show children the grace of God and equip them to be theologically robust, confident, virtuous, and courageous followers of Christ.

All Kinder-5th Graders will meet together at 9:00am in Room 6 each week for a brief welcome and catechism before joining their age-specific classes. Parents can pick up their children in their assigned rooms at 10:00am. 

6th-12th Grade – Enjoying Prayer (Room 102)
Most of us struggle with prayer. And yet prayer is a vital part of the Christian life. Prayer is something we get to do! As we learn to grow our conversation with God, we find real enjoyment in prayer. Join us as we look at what prayer is, how to pray, and why prayer is a rich gift.

*Ecclesiastes: Making Sense out of Life (Room 200)
Ecclesiastes is an ancient, yet familiar wrestling with the frustrations of a fallen world. Often our lives don’t neatly add up in a way that makes sense to us. Where do we find meaning and hope? Looking at the world through the lens of Ecclesiastes will help us draw near to a God, seeing how he enters and restores the world.

*The Gospel for Real Life (Room 200)
The gospel offers us eternal salvation and it matters for today! The gospel can seem disconnected from our daily concerns, and yet it offers us a liberating power to grow and find peace and joy as Christians. Through the gospel we are transformed daily into Christlikeness. Together we’ll work to connect the wonder and truth of the gospel to our daily lives.

*This class fulfills some of the prerequisites for church officer (elder or deacon) training.

Ecclesiastes 1
Ecclesiastes 3
Ecclesiastes 4
Ecclesiastes 5
Ecclesiastes 6

Gospel for Real Life 
Gospel 1
Gospel 2
Gospel 3
Gospel 4
Gospel 5
Gospel 6 



Intro To Trinity 
Intro 1
Intro 3
Intro 4
Intro 5
Intro 6

Seeing God 
Seeing 1
Seeing 2
Seeing 3
Seeing 4
Seeing 5
Seeing 6

Fruit of the Spirit
Fruit 2 
Fruit 3
Fruit 4
Fruit 5
Fruit 6
Fruit 7

Marriage: Lasting Love
Marriage 1
Marriage 2
Marriage 3
Marriage 4

 God's Hope for Exiles 
1 Peter 1
1 Peter 2
1 Peter 3
1 Peter 5
1 Peter 6

The Flourishing Kingdom 
Mount 1
Mount 2 
Mount 3
Mount 6
Mount 7