Sunday Christian Education Classes (June 2 - August 25, 2024)

Adult and youth classes meet in the Life Center and children’s classes meet in the Children’s Center. Class times, locations, and descriptions are noted below. You are always welcome to visit a class at any time!

Nursery care is available at 9:00 & 10:30am for ages birth - 3 years old.

Nursery - PreK – God Loves Me! (Room 5)
The Bible is a story of God’s redeeming love! Our PreK children will hear this story loud and clear as we show and tell them about the love of Jesus.

Kinder - 2nd Grade – Growing in God – 9:00am (Room 3)
God calls his people to know and obey him! Journeying with God’s people through the Exodus we will learn about God’s love, mercy, and plan for us his people.

3rd - 5th Grade – Knowing God - 9:00am (Room 6) 
What is our only comfort in life and in death? What is God? How can we glory God? Using the New City Catechism, we will explore answers to key questions about life from the Bible. Our goal is to show children the grace of God and equip them to be theologically robust, confident, virtuous, and courageous followers of Christ.

All Kinder-Grade 5 will meet together in room 6 each week for a brief time of or welcome, worship, and catechism at 9am before joining their age specific class. Parents can pick up their children in their assigned rooms at 10am.

6th - 12th Grade – Psalms (Room 102)
The Psalms teach us to come to God in all moments of life. We are given words to express our frustrations, desires, and hopes to the God who knows our struggle and hears our prayers. By seeing the faithfulness of God to his people in the past, students can be encouraged in the present that the eternal and consistent God will be with them. God is good and can be trusted and followed.

ADULT CLASSES 9:00AM and 10:30AM
*Doctrine: The Wonderful Works of God (Room 200)
Doctrine is not dry, instead, it leads to the delight of doxology. Every time we read, think, hear, or say anything about God, we are doing theology. Theology isn't just about knowledge and information; it shapes who we are and what we do. Together this summer we will consider the core reformed doctrines of the Christian faith from God's word. The goal for this class is to know and enjoy God as we are drawn to worship him. This class is offered at 9:00am and 10:30am.

*This class fulfills some of the prerequisites for church officer (elder or deacon) training.

Doctrine: The Wonderful Works of God 
Doctrine 1
Doctrine 2
Doctrine 3



Eschatology 1
Eschatology 2
Eschatology 3
Eschatology 4

Eschatology 5

Eschatology 6
Eschatology 7

The Gospel According to Moses  
Moses 1
Moses 2
Moses 3
Moses 4
Moses 5
Moses 6
Moses 7

Intro to Trinity Class
Intro 1
Intro 2 
Intro 4
Intro 5

Body 1 
Body 2
Body 3
Body 4
Body 5

Reading Scripture Well 
Scripture 1 
Scripture 2
Scripture 3
Scripture 4 
Scripture 5

Ecclesiastes 1
Ecclesiastes 3
Ecclesiastes 4
Ecclesiastes 5
Ecclesiastes 6
Ecclesiastes 8

Seeing God 
Seeing 1
Seeing 2
Seeing 3
Seeing 4
Seeing 5
Seeing 6